About me

Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez
I'm a Mexican software developer, I like to write concise and interesting programs.
Born in 1978, I started programming at age 5 in BASIC, learnt assembly language by age 9 and afterwards the programming languages Pascal, C, C++, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP.
As a hobby, I'm the author of bootOS, an x86 operating system in 512 bytes, its companion bootBASIC interpreter in 512 bytes and bootLogo; I've developed the world's smallest chess programs in C, Java, Javascript and x86/6502 machine code. I've won five times the International Obfuscated C Code Contest, I came second place in the first JS1K contest and also in the MSXdev'10 contest. So far I'm the only Mexican that has won these contests.
I have been lecturer about programming topics and the influence of software in the society at the UNAM, ITESM, and ESIME. I'm also a game programming and design consultant.
In my free time I'm also a tweetstar with my microstories in @historiasmini.
Feel free to send your comments and suggestions to biyubi@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter/X as @nanochess, also in Tiktok as @nanochess.
Currently I live and work in Mexico City, Mexico.
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Last modified: Mar/19/2024