Princess Quest

Princess Quest: Ingame screenshot
What does a knight when he is bored?, goes in a quest for a princess!.
Our brave knight is ready to fight every demon, bat, zombie and other vicious monsters that get into his way, using his spear and various other available weapons.
But caveat! this princess is so beautiful that several ugly monster bosses will try to keep her captive.
Princess Quest is an original game that I wrote for MSX computers in my free time, between November and December 2011. My intention was to write an arcade game with smooth pixel-scrolling (a very difficult task in MSX). Some features are:
Princess Quest: Matra's box, cartridge and manual, graphical design by @star2024
Matra's box, cartridge and manual,
graphical design by @star2024.
All of this compressed in a 64K ROM cartridge. The public has surprised me doing comparisons with the classical arcade game Ghost'n'Goblins and even with Castlevania. :)
The following excerpt of the game has been uploaded to Youtube, courtesy of Konamito, a great feed of MSX news.
Matra, a Spanish publisher of MSX cartridges took the work to produce the cartridges and graphical design for cover and manual. The first cartridges were available through Bitwise at the Nijmegen MSX Fair (January 21, 2012) at the Netherlands.
Each cartridge includes a full-color booklet with a great graphic design, to order it please write to (Matra) or (Bitwise.)

Colecovision version

After Colecovision users saw the Princess Quest's video, several users got interested in getting cartridges of this game and Luc Miron from Team Pixelboy at Canada offered his services to distribute Princess Quest.
Because Colecovision only has 1K of RAM, my port of Princess Quest had to use a 256K ROM to compensate it and this resulted in the biggest ever cartridge developed for Colecovision.
Team Pixelboy published two limited-edition batchs of Princess Quest's cartridge for Colecovision. The first batch sold out in January 2013 and the second one in February 2014. From time on time it appears in eBay..
Princess Quest: Team Pixelboy box for Colecovision
Team Pixelboy box for Colecovision.
You can now get a free digital copy of Princess Quest for Colecovision.
In Dec/28/2015 I've released also the ROM of Princess Quest for MSX, enjoy it!
A contract was signed to include this game in the Colecovision Flashback! you can see it in the official game list for Colecovision Flashback console. This console was released in October, 2014 and available in Toys'R'Us stores and also widely in eBay.
Colecovision Flashback
Colecovision Flashback

Intellivision version

Like a challenge I've decided to translate this game to Intellivision consoles :), it has been successfully ported and beta-tested. It was released by Collectorvision.
There remain a few copies that you can order your copy from the Atariage forums, also you can buy the ROM edition of Princess Quest for Intellivision, or get the Evercade Intellivision Collection 1 cartridge.
Here is a video preview of the game:
Princess Quest for Intellivision
Princess Quest for Intellivision


See some comments about Princess Quest, the first MSX game of year 2012: