Mecha Eight: fifth place at MSXdev'11 contest

Mecha Eight for MSX
Merciless aliens are overrunning a small planet, they took by surprise to all the army. Now the last remaining defense is the Mecha Research's Lab and its unique two mechas, the most powerful!
Mecha Eight is an original game that I wrote for MSX computers in my free time, by January 2012. This time I wanted a pure arcade game choosing a vertical scrolling style with mechas, ships and lots of bullets, heavily compressed in 32K. Some features are:
Mecha Eight: Ingame screenshot
Today there exists several thousands of MSX fans and even there are competitions for creating demos and games, one of them is MSXdev, an annual contest for new MSX games, where I sent Mecha Eight for the 2011 edition contest.
It got good reviews from MSX users and reached fifth place over nine contestants. Some people says that it is what Aleste (a famous MSX2 game) would have looked in MSX1. :)


After downloading the file into a folder (by example, My documents) and uncompressing it, install one of these suggested emulators for the MSX platform:
If you're the fortunate owner of a MSX then I strongly recommend you to buy the improved cartridge version ;).
Mecha Eight: Title screen

Enhanced version

Mecha Eight: Matra's box, graphical design by @star2024
Matra's box, graphical design
by @star2024.
Matra at Spain and Bitwise at Netherlands showed interest to manufacture Mecha Eight cartridges playable in real MSX computers.
I've expanded it to 64K and greatly improved it with smooth scrolling, difficulty level selection, an extra level and its own boss, new graphics, music and enemies, an alternative ending, support for FM synthetizer, Spanish translation and a lot of other enhancements. It was available at the 42th MSX user's meeting in Barcelona, Spain.
Each cartridge includes a full-color booklet with a gorgeous graphic design, to order it please write to (Matra) or (Bitwise.)
Video of the cartridge version, uploaded to Youtube by courtesy of Konamito.

Colecovision version

After Luc Miron from Team Pixelboy at Canada saw a preliminary video of the enhanced Mecha Eight, he got interested in getting the rights to publish it in Colecovision, so we came to a deal.
Because Colecovision only has 1K of RAM, my port of Mecha Eight had to use a 128K ROM to compensate it
Also it includes support for the Super Game Module from Opcode, that enhances background music. Plus new enemies and several graphical enhancements. It was published in Christmas 2013
Mecha-8 physical release for Colecovision has long been sold out, but now you can download it for free at the Team Pixelboy Christmas 2017 thread at Atariage.
Download freely the Mecha-8 MSX commercial version (released Aug/29/2021).
Mecha 8: Team Pixelboy box for Colecovision
Team Pixelboy box for Colecovision
Recently a contract has been signed to include this game in the Colecovision Flashback! you can see it in the official game list for Colecovision Flashback console. This console was released in October, 2014
Colecovision Flashback
Colecovision Flashback

Some related information:

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