Zombie Near: 2nd place at MSXdev'10 contest

Fight for your life inside laboratories filled with zombies with a taste for your flesh.
Find the keys to open access to more floors of the laboratory, take life packs to recover your energy and save scientists for extra points.
There are rumours about zombie bosses waiting to crush you!
Zombie Near: Delta-2
Zombie Near is an original game that I wrote for MSX computers in my free time, between January 6, 2011 and January 26, combining various ideas in this fully functional retro-style action game of 128 KB. Some features are:
Zombie Near: Title screen and story, MSXdev version
Today there exists several thousands of MSX fans and even there are competitions for creating demos and games, one of them is MSXdev, an annual contest for new MSX games, where I sent Zombie Near for the 2010 edition contest.
It won 2nd place over eight entries, sharing title of the Most Original Game. It got good comments from MSX users, and surprisingly for me this game has been compared by the judges with the classic Metal Gear.


Zombie Near: Inside game, MSXdev version
After downloading the file zombienear11.zip into a folder (by example, My documents) and uncompressing it, install one of these suggested emulators for the MSX platform:
If you're the fortunate owner of a MSX or Colecovision then I strongly recommend you to buy the improved cartridge version ;).

Enhanced version

Zombie Near: Matra's box, cartridge and manual, graphical design by @star2024
Matra's box, cartridge and manual,
graphical design by @star2024.
Matra at Spain and Bitwise at Netherlands showed interest to manufacture Zombie Near cartridges playable in real MSX computers, I've crunched it to 64K and greatly improved it with new graphics, music, enemies, rooms, challenges and an extra ending. It was sold for the first time at the 39th MSX user's meeting in Barcelona, Spain, you can see event's photos and videos.
Each cartridge includes a full-color booklet with a gorgeous graphic design, to order it please write to matracorp@gmail.com (Matra) or bitwisewhq@gmail.com (Bitwise.) Comment of user happy with his cartridge (in Spanish)
I've made also a 32K version for Colecovision consoles, that includes new graphics, music, challenges and enemies, this cartridge was available for preordering from Collectorvision, with option to two striking boxes :) which started shipping in December 2012. The limited quantity of cartridges was sold out. A few remaining copies are available from Good Deal Games.
Zombie Near: Collectorvision's European (left) and American (right) box
Collectorvision's boxes.
Left: European box, graphical design by Vincent Godefroy.
Right: American box, graphical design by Chuchu of Kyowa manga's studio at Quebec.
Video of the MSX cartridge version, uploaded to Youtube by courtesy of Phsoft.


Last modified: Nov/11/2015