Mecha 9: The ultimate galactic battle

Mecha-9: Title screen
While Tricia Thunder fights his way aboard Mecha-8, Ryan Rock does same inside Mecha-9, but things look way more complicated for him!
After the success of Mecha-8 I feel like it had enough material to continue the game and in a serendipity, Luc Miron from Team Pixelboy told me he had space to publish one extra Colecovision game. So why not Mecha-9?
Isn't a sequel nor a prequel, Mecha-9 story happens at same time of Mecha-8 ;)
I worked this game since March 2015 till September 2015 and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Currently the game is finished. Some features are:
Mecha-9: In game screen
Here is a video of the game in action:

Japanese translation

Mecha 9 for MSX is available with Japanese language integrated in game. This traslation was made by B. Shigeru @gcshigeru and PSS K.


Mecha 9 was available in the 48th MSX user's meeting in Barcelona, Spain in December 5, 2015, all copies sold out in 30 minutos, and now you can get Mecha 9 thru Matra boutique.
For Colecovision it's available since February 22, 2016 through Team Pixelboy and now the ROM is freely available for download.
It has got extremely good opinions from players "hardware pushed to the limits!", "looks even better than Mecha-8!", "I've enjoyed inmensely the Mecha series!", "the most polished homebrew game I've seen".
Limited quantities! Get your copies now! ;)

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Last modified: Mar/05/2019