The nanochess' NFT store

Rembrandx Robots, a collection of 128 limited-unique NFT oil-style pictures of robots in a medieval sci-fi world. I've created these using carefully crafted descriptions for Dall-E, because I wanted to see art on Cardano! (maybe you remember me from my A.I. contribution to the impressive 3DMintLab nanochess playable NFT!)
Mint now for 128₳ to get a random NFT from this beautiful collection! Show it proudly on your virtual gallery or keep it under key! Get several NFT for a nice discount!
Policy ID: 21489d045dd88f67b9ee6d4c2d65602cb26c12773ee8c86d87a00883
Each picture is 1024x960 pixels. If you resell an NFT from this collection then 2.5% royalties will go to myself as the creator. The policy closes on Mar/20/2023, and any non-sold NFT will be burnt.
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Last modified: Sep/22/2022