Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe

It was close to Christmas 2015 when Collectorvision approached me with a project about a new game for Intellivision consoles, it was called Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe.
After being shown the sprite set for the game and the whole map designed for it, I found it really beautiful and I accepted to tackle on the project.
A lot of big events happened in my life thru the 2016 year and the project went very slowly till it was finished in October 2016. Several development screenshots and animations were published in a thread in Atariage.
Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe for Intellivision
Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe for Intellivision
The game went to physical copies at Christmas 2016 and it sold out pretty fast, and most importantly the Atariage Intellivision community voted it as the best game of 2016. Collectorvision is going to re-release it as a standard edition game (the first version included a map and some other goodies), yet to be available.

Intellivision video

Colecovision/MSX version

Given the good success of the Intellivision version, Collectorvision asked me to port it to Colecovision and MSX with improved graphics, I said yes and took me 4 months to finish the port. It will be published under the Exidy trademark, acquired recently by Collectorvision. Soon to be available in physical cartridges.

Sega Master System version

And once we are in the run for a Z80 port, Collectorvision asked if it was posibble to tackle on Sega Master System given the similarities, this port took me 2 months and will be under the Acclaim trademark. Also soon to be available in physical cartridges

Curious facts

Sydney Hunter is a registered trademark of Collectorvision.
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